Pi powers wealth.

PiCycle™ costs roughly 9%* that of an automobile. This gives you the freedom to spend money on things that matter, not a vehicle that will cause you headaches through constant maintenance, towing, gasoline, parking fees, insurance, and your hard-earned free time.

Your vehicle and your pocketbook are insured.

Insurance is typically covered under homeowners insurance, so you can eliminate the idea of expensive vehicle insurance.

Miles Per Penny is the new Miles Per Gallon.

Liberate yourself from the wallet draining cost of oil. A PiCycle™ will only cost ~11 cents of grid electricity per charge. This equates to 4 miles per penny vs. gasoline which will cost upwards of 50 times that much even with a fuel-efficient vehicle.
Learn more about the true cost of driving.

A simpler mode of propulsion means less things to fail.

Because electric vehicles are inherently a much simpler setup than their gas-powered counterparts, they have a fraction of the moving parts, and a fraction of the maintenance costs. Don't spend thousands of dollars on mechanics and new parts, save your money for what matters.

Stress-free parking.

With a PiCycle™ you won't pay any parking garages, illegal parking tickets, or toll fees. You won't even have to worry about feeding a meter, spend valuable time driving in circles, or worry that your car might get towed. Also, because you can typically park much closer, you can get to your destination much quicker. The experience of dismounting the Pi and being able to instantly walk into your destination is incredibly empowering and satisfying.

An instant classic.

Roughly half the cost of automobile ownership is depreciation.(According to the AAA driving costs assessment.) The PiCycle™ has an iconic design that will not become obsolete and years from now will be considered a classic. Additionally, your older PiCycle™ is designed to be upgradeable to new battery technologies many years from now, whether they be new battery chemistries, fuel cells, or super-capacitors.