"Dating to Marcus’s original presentation of the PiCycle concept in 2001, I have followed the evolution keenly and seeing it realized in its current form is personally gratifying, PiCycle does fulfill my longstanding dream of an electric bicycle future."

Lee Iacocca, served as President & CEO to revive Chrysler


"I have just had the opportunity to ride the bike for the first time, all from the Village to Upper East. Wowwww, what a ride. This has been the most fun using individual mobility since I came to New York City. So many people stopped and asked questions about the bike, and the speed is really amazing."

Dr. Ulrich Quay, Vice President BMW i Ventures


"The instantaneous torque provided by the front hub motor invited lean angles that I never thought possible on a bike. I was able to lean the PiCycle™ over hard at the entry to the first corner, then on transition to the next corner literally lift the bike to vertical via the motor within the space of just a few feet, such that my set up for the next corner was faster and smoother."

Kenny Roberts Junior, 3-Time 500cc World Champion


"I'm a designer living in San Francisco. By night, I go to concerts and explore the city. By day, I study how people use Twitter. I was trying to find something to commute and tool around the city with. I looked at scooters (new and vintage) and electric bikes. Seeing PiCycle piqued my interest, but the first test ride sold me.

Biking in the city, the times I feel most vulnerable are when cars are accelerating quickly from a red light and I'm trying to get up to speed. With PiCycle, I'm often accelerating as fast as the cars I'm beside."

Mark Trammell of Twitter


"The biggest advantage of PiCycle over competitors I would say is the ability it has to travel a longer distance and to turn heads! Now that I ride Pi I don't have to use my car as much, and it is perfect for getting around campus and also for getting to places that are a little further than I'd like to walk or ride a non-motorized bike. I can take the Pi all of the way to the beach, which is 15 miles there and back from my house.

Also, the design is stunning! It is the perfect blend of futuristic, yet functional design. I was riding the PiCycle around the Huntington Beach Pier and a professional lifestyle photographer stopped me and asked if he could take some pictures of me for his portfolio. I don't think that would have happened if I had been using another mode of transportation. In general the PiCycle is such a great conversation starter. People stop me all of the time, because they want to know what the PiCycle is!"

25 year-old theater student at the University of California Irvine.