Marcus Hays

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hays is founder and acting CEO of PiMobility, Inc., a manufacturer of light electric vehicles and related propulsion technologies. Hays’s electric vehicle industry experience dates to his 1996 founding participation in Calstart, the State of California’s Zero Emission Vehicle incubator for companies including Ford, GM, AC Propulsion, AeroVironment and others. Between 1996 and 2003, Hays collaborated with former Chrysler Chairman, Lee Iacocca and Dr. Paul MacCready, former Chairman of AeroVironment, on a number of light electric vehicle projects and vehicle technologies. Hays, has been a guest lecturer at the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley ; Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University; and was recently named “Inventor of the Month” by Autodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK). Hays, was also a Transportation Studies Major at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, and is a veteran of the US Navy. Hays’s enthusiasm for all things wheeled is evidenced by ownership of a Bonneville Salt Flats electric vehicle land speed record, and numerous amateur trophies acquired in mountain bike, motorcycle and automobile racing events.

Brad Knop

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Knop has over 25 years of experience successfully managing the operations of a variety of technology, software, and financial services companies. His ability to steer start-ups from ideas to profits is highly valued by Founders and Investors. The early part of Brad’s career was in marketing at First Deposit (which later became Providian), where he directed the main business units within the company over the course of 8 years including new account acquisition, customer retention and product development. At Providian (15,000 employees/ $30B Assets), Brad developed multiple product areas including several that became core business lines within the company – leading one from 0 to over 1,000 employees and over $1b in assets under management. Brad’s ability to calmly manage chaos resulted in the successful development of Providian’s international division - spending 2 years developing products/markets in Mumbai, India as well as other parts of Asia and Europe. Brad lent his leadership skills to co-found two separate streaming media companies, the first in 1995 called MediaCast and the second in 1998 called Webcast Solutions. It was with these companies that he gained first hand experience with the ups and the downs of the start-up world. At these businesses as COO, Brad managed all operations, and investment activities (including investments by Arthur Rock and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati), including business and financial planning. He successfully piloted Webcast Solutions from start-up to a $50MM acquisition by Starmedia, Inc. in 2000 where he became General Manager of the Broadband Division managing 150 employees in seven offices in five countries. After Starmedia and a couple years of business and financial consulting for a variety of technology companies, Brad took on the CEO position of a socially responsible outdoor lifestyle/bicycle company called Xtracycle. It was with Xtracycle where Brad gained the insight and enlightenment of a managing a truly green and triple bottom line organization. He remains a member of the Xtracycle Board and continues to contribute to this vibrant and growing business.

Elana Yonah

Vice President of Business Development

Elana's work as a social entrepreneur has included co-founding Just Think ( in 1995, and serving as executive director until 2009 when Just Think merged with One Economy ( In 2010, the merged organization secured $51.1M in ARRA funds for domestic activity. As Senior Advisor, Ms. Yonah contributed to One Global Economy’s international activities including Cisco’s $10M commitment to CGI in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. In 2010 she co-founded Mapping the Human Story (, and in 2011 created the start-up team of RISE ( where she currently serves as Chief of Development.

Karl Morris

General Manager

Karl Morris is the general manager at Pi, responsible for overall manufacturing, assembly, and operations. Karl brings a wealth of expertise from previous experience which includes five years in Grand Prix motorcycle racing, three of which were based in United Kingdom with former World Champion Kenny Roberts' Team Roberts Moto GP team. Prior experience Karl held media positions with Quokka Sports and ESPN. He transitioned into motorsports after fourteen years as an Aerospace Engineer leading manufacture of rocket engines, weapons, spacecraft and research and development for advanced automotive systems. Karl was the Creative Director for one of the original 99 software companies developing applications for Apple's first Macintosh Computer, after having served as a video game designer for Mattel.

Lonner Ralston

Lead Design Engineer

Lonner works as the Lead Mechanical and Vehicle Dynamics Engineer. Lonner has developed innovative tooling and manufacturing methods to create a efficient USA-based onshore manufacturing process that is completive with global manufacturing. Lonner worked as an independent industrial designer, engineer and fabricator for various projects. He was one of the original developers and participants in the Battle Bots series whose innovative designs prompted the show's producers to engage him in the arena's battlefield developing obstacles, which included choppers, cutters, rams, and pyrotechnic devices.

Henry Wettersten

Production Engineer

Henry currently studies Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. A San Francisco native, his area of expertise encompasses Mechanical Design, Computer Aided Design & Drafting, and manufacturing processes. Henry has had a passion for electric vehicles since high school, when he and two of friends built an electric car on a Ford Model A chassis.

Ben Grandy

Production Manager

Ben has been been building computers since the age of eight and has always been interested in robotics, artificial intelligence, and electronics. He loves design in all forms, and is fascinated by world changing ideas, designs, and inventions. He studied Electrical Engineering and Landscape Architecture/Urban Design at UC Davis, home of the US Bicycle Hall of fame and recognized as the first Platinum Level bicycle city in the US. Through his studies, Ben realized urban design is ultimately centered around transportation and having a successful transportation solution is the first step to a well designed city. Pi melds Ben's environmental passion with his fascination with world changing technology. He has become dedicated to promoting PiCycles™ as a way to create a more sustainable form of urban transportation as well as allow city spaces to be more livable, walkable, and enjoyable.

Martin Windmill

Mechanical Engineer & Chassis Dynamist

At the age of thirteen, in 1967, Martin had a vision. He wanted a bicycle that could take him whereever he wanted to go, on road or off road, 26" off road tires, flat bars, and derailer gears. He realized if you want something special you must build it yourself, and invented what the mountain bike became ten years later. His main passion since the age of fourteen has been chassis design where, "Slot cars were my lab rats." Miniature scale slot cars allowed him to rapidly prototype and evolve design that was not feasible in full scale. Martin was an avid bicyclist in high school and by the time he reached Twickenham Art College had graduated to motorcycles. In college, he was provided the space to think outside the box and escape from the British "brick in the wall" syndrome. Can-do thinking and custom motorcyles led him to California where he started independently designing and building custom and racing motorcycles. This lead him to Kosman Specialties where he worked for 32 years, perfecting his craft and working with the top motorcycle race teams and racers. High points include designing concept motorcycles for Confederate Motorcycles, Honda R&D, American Eagle, American Iron Horse, Mission Motors, Corbin Motors and Performance Machine. Racing motorcycles include NHRA Prostock Buells and NHRA Prostock Suzukis. He also built many funny bikes, Land Speed Record setting bikes, AMA and AFM racing motorcycles.   As easy as it is for him to get lost in the design and construction of high performance motorcycles, he has always had passion for more responsible modes of transportation. When he got the opportunity to help the Pi team develop a range of Pi electric vehicle, bicycles, and transition into production, it was clear he was home.

Todd Tankersley

Photography & Videography Director

Todd works as a independent photography and videographer out of his studio in San Francisco. He has worked with Design Within Reach, Hammacher Schlemmer, and Wired.

Andrew O'Mahony

iOS Developer

Andrew O'Mahony has been writing software since he was 15, from applets, to websites, to apps, to games. He is an avid athlete, with open water swimming, rowing, and running being his current activities. He is a graduate of Digipen Institute of Technology, in Redmond, Washington, with a BS in Real Time Interactive Simulations.

Bill Dawson

Software Engineer

Bill often says, "82% of all statistics are made up on the spot." (The percentage changes depending on the point he is trying to make.) He was on the Macintosh development team at Apple, he produced the world's first CD-ROMs, DVDs and dozens of products from scientific journals to video games. He was technical director of (NASDQ:XMCM) and president of Manex Interactive ("The Matrix", "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"). He published "The Journal of Biological Chemistry" and "Methods In Enzemology".

Now Bill is developing the future of EV fleet management. PiCycles™ will not only tell you where you are but where you've been… and even help you find it if it gets lost.

Gary Leo

Battery & Electrical Engineer

Gary Leo has an extensive electronic background and an endless curiosity to understand how things tick. Gary has spent many years working for Apple investigating problems and improving reliability in portable computers, and built an Apple II 16 channel motion control system to animate a dragon in the movie Dragonslayer. Gary Co-founded UltraSound, the sound company that provided sound for the Grateful Dead for 25 years. At ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) Gary invented the famous Leo Loop motor control, and micro-stepper drive used for special effects animation and camera control (StarWars - The Empire Strikes Back, ET the Extraterrestrial, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Poltergeist, StarTrek - The Wrath of Khan.)

Richard Rice

Graphic Design

Richards art career began at the legendary Art Center College of Design with an automotive design scholarship. A resulting change in major found him pursuing packaging and graphics and ultimately a teaching position at the prestigious school. This launched a successful career in the Advertising / Design business and culminated in the formation of one of the most successful Corporate Graphics firms in the country.