No exhaust, no pollution, no worries.

Don't ever worry about putting harmful chemicals into the air, breathing in fumes, or polluting the environment. The PiCycle™ produces 0 tailpipe emissions or exhaust of any kind. This also means that not only will people not be bothered by you riding but will usually be excited when you ride around parks, plazas, and other public spaces.

A baby-sized carbon footprint.

A PiCycle™ uses roughly 200 pounds of CO2 to produce which is less than ~1% of that of an automobile. In terms of energy use, the bike uses about the same amount of energy as a hairdryer. This means you are commuting with the smallest carbon footprint from the first day you get on your PiCycle™.

Quality recycled, down-cycled, and recyclable materials every step of the way.

The PiCycle™ is sourced from recycled 6000 series engineer-grade aluminum, which uses 7% the energy input as virgin aluminum. We also avoid low- quality injection molded plastics that lack recycle-ability and typically have a short lifespan.

Efficiency beyond compare.

If you take the amount of embedded energy in a single gallon of gasoline and convert it into watt hours, a PiCycle™ achieves 2000 MPG equivalent, making it one of, if not the most efficient modes of transportation, using ~5% of the energy of automobile transportation.

A lifespan to span your life.

Rather than planned obsolescence, the PiCycle™ is designed for planned renewal, wherein future battery technologies can be swapped into the tube once they become available. If one day fuel cells, super-capacitors, or graphene-based batteries become weight and cost feasible, you can simply and easily replace the old core. This ensures that your bike will have instant legacy value, and will be a continual classic.

Pi powers beautiful, livable, walkable cities & communities.

Electric bike infrastructure is inherently much more efficient than automobile because it takes a fraction of the space and thus can allow for much greater population densities. It also allows for urban landscaping, street trees, and reduces the Urban Heat Island effect (caused by large amounts of pavement). This results in narrower roads, more livable urban communities, and walkable spaces where you won't be breathing in exhaust.

Supporting a local, clean, ethical, and onshore working environment.

We are one of the only manufacturers to create our product locally and onshore. The bike is designed, engineered, cut, welded, assembled, and painted all in the US. We also utilize "lean manufacturing", wherein waste at every opportunity is repurposed.
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This insures that today, and many years from now you will be enjoying not only a guilt-free mode of transportation, but one that offers an experience unmatched by any other alternative.