It's a's a's a revolution.
Go faster, farther, and steeper than ever before with PiCycle’s™ new hybrid belt drive. Meld human and electric energy to seamlessly create an unmatched experience.

A design that's totally tubular
With all the electronics inside the tube the components stay weatherproof, allow the battery to stay cool, and optimize your handling.

Superpower at the flick of your fingertip
Turn A to B into 0 to WHEE. With PiCycle™'s powerful battery, you have the equivalent to several professional cyclists helping you pedal. Don't break a sweat, and have more fun than ever as you casually pass full-spandex clad cyclists on their left.

Set it and forget it
Automatic build in cruise control makes controlling the electric motor as easy as Pi. Simply hold the throttle for 5 seconds, and the bike will set your speed. Take in the scenery while you cruise like a star.

Give back to the battery pack
With the push of a button power flows back to the battery pack and charges the bike. This extends your range, let's you recover downhill energy, and gives you grid independence.

Charge anytime, anywhere
E-bike infrastructure is already in every house and outlet around the world. Simply plug into any standard wall outlet, whether in public, in a café, or at home.

Miles Per Penny is the new M.P.G.
Liberate yourself from the wallet draining cost of oil and instead power your pocketbook.

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Cooler wheels for a warmer planet
PiCycle™ is designed and manufactured with the highest of lifecycle and sustainability standards.

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