PiCycle™ is manufactured and engineered to respect our ecosystem.

Creating a more sustainable mode of transportation is what drives us to do what we do, so everyday we push the limits to create a cleaner manufacturing process. Manufacturing is kept local and on shore, reducing the carbon footprint of transporting parts across the globe. PiCycle™ is designed with a long life cycle in mind, creating an heirloom product that will always be a classic, and never be obsolete. We designed PiCycle™ to be technology agnostic so you can be sure that your PiCycle™ will be always be compatible with the latest and greatest; perhaps one day it will even run on a fuel cell. Additionally, "waste" from each manufacturing step is either used for accessory items and Pi merchandise, or recycled. Finally, the bike is made from recycled aluminum which uses 1/13 the energy of mined aluminum ore, and reduces the need for mining.

Years of research and development to create an unmatched experience.

Ten years of research and development has allowed us to refine every aspect of the bike on balance to sustainability, aesthetics, reliability, and ultimately, performance. Every component of the bicycle has been engineered, reengineered, and continually taken through quality control tests to create the highest caliber components possible.

Highly engineered parts that you can trust.

Our fork is an extremely precise piece of aluminum that you won't find on any other two wheeled vehicle, let alone electric bike. Our head tube is a highly evolved aluminum extrusion that routes all the cabling cleanly and discreetly. Safety comes from the strength and engineering of the steerer tube; it's a part you will never see, but is has been designed and engineered to be extremely robust.

We built in suspension to keep your ride comfortable.

We have created a novel system of 'drag-links' that hold the axle and about an inch of suspension travel between the wheel and the fork. Coupled to the integrated fender this makes a comfortable rider that can be ridden in any whether without splashing up dirt in your face, without leaving grease on your pant-leg, but all while staying comfortable.

Industry first interchangeable dropouts.

Say you want to a different rear hub, a rear motor, even two motors. Rather than permanently damaging your frame by filing away at the dropouts every time you want to change your drivetrain configuration, we have engineered an industry first system of interchangeable dropouts. Simply swap out your dropout tabs to correlate with the drive system of your choice, and you're ready to go.

A powerful lithium-ion battery core and patented battery technology.

Our battery resides within a specially designed Phase-Change Material which inside the aluminum tube creates passive cooling and uses the tube as a radiator. Additionally we have so much space in the tube that we have built in the motor controller, built in a charging port, built in the lighting system, built in a GPS board for geolocating, and even built in a module to communicate with your smartphone. It all hides discreetly away to protect the sensitive electronics from the elements.

The PiCycle™ frame is cut with an extremely efficient, fast, and clean CNC waterjet machine. This process allows us to keep manufacturing on shore, and minimize our carbon footprint.