Human and hertz in harmony

PiCycles™ are set-up to be inline hybrids. It has power on both wheels with human providing the energy in the rear, and the electric motor powering the front. Keeping the drive systems completely separate means no problematic gear meshing. It also means you can operate it as a bicycle, as a motorcycle, or seamlessly combine both human and electric power to reach the perfect speed while still burning some calories but without breaking a sweat.

Superpower at the flick of a fingertip

PiCycles™ come with the motor built right into the hub of the front wheel. This setup delivers the most power compared to alternate drive systems. The motor in the front gives the bike terrific handling because the weight of the bike is nearly perfectly centered. Our motors now range from 1.3kW up to a whopping 1.7kW. If you have a child riding or someone that does not need the extra power you can always easily limit the power through the a setting in the display.

Power on-demand

PiCycles are designed with on-demand thumb or twist throttles. This offers more responsiveness than strain gauge or pedal assist bikes and gives you total control over your ride.

Belt is the new chain

All PiCycles use a Patented Carbon Gates Belt Drive system. Belt drive is completely silent, super efficient, will never rust, and won't rub off any grease on your pant leg. It requires virtually 0 maintenance, and will be reliable for years to come.

Self contained gearing

Internal hubs are completely self contained. This means virtually 0 maintenance and no grime getting into your drivetrain. Another advantage they have over deraillers is you can change gears while stopped and be ready to go the second you put your foot down. No more awkward downshifting and upshifting to plan for what gear you'll need to be in, it's ready when you are.

A suspenseful ride

Our suspension system is cleanly and simply integrated into the toe of the fork with a system of 'drag-links'. The built-in elastomers provide significant vibrational dampening and keep your ride comfortable. If you desire an even softer ride, you can option a suspension seat post and/or a suspension saddle.

Regen while stopping on a dime

PiCycles come standard with Best-in-class Hydraulic Disc Brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes are the same principal that are standard in automobiles and motorcycles because of its performance. The brakes are so responsive that you wouldn't be inclined to call it a bicycle. We take safety very seriously and whether you're avoiding obstacles, safety navigating steep hills, or just turning on a dime, hydraulic disc brakes are second to none.

Brake while giving back to the battery pack. Whenever you squeeze the brakes, the motor turns into a generator and charges the bikes. This reduces wear and tear, increases your stopping power, and allows you to go further than ever.