“The PiCycle experience isn't just a collection of numbers. It’s a feeling, it's an emotion, it's indescribable, perhaps even irrational, but this machine elicits a feeling like nothing else I’ve ever ridden.”

Marcus Hays, Founder

Beauty that turns heads

As you ride a PiCycle strangers left and right can't help but smile and admire the design. This creates an experience that transforms a dull commute into one in which you feel like a celebrity.

Turn the A to B into 0 to Whee

The PiCycle experience is one of pure joy. Perhaps it's the on-demand power, perhaps it's the center of gravity, perhaps it's the silent motor. Whatever the reasoning, we guarantee that if you ride a PiCycle, you'll come back smiling from ear to ear.

The fastest way to get around

The PiCycle is narrow enough that it can fit through obstacles that might leave larger vehicles waiting. Also, because it has 100% of the torque from the start, you can often accelerate faster than cars from a stoplight, which means in city traffic you won't be stuck in congestion. Finally, because you can lock the PiCycle to any bicycle rack, you won't waste time looking for parking and you can often pull up to the front door of your destination!

Stay healthy.

Because the PiCycle is a fusion between human and electric power, it allows rides of all ages and fitness levels to adjust to the level of assist that they feel most comfortable with. PiCycles also tend to keep your heart rate in the healthier fat-burning zone rather than the aerobic zone so that every day you can get the recommended 30 mins of exercise, stay healthy, all without breaking a sweat.

Stay Clean.

The electric motor ensures that you'll still be getting exercise but without breaking a sweat. So rather than having to bring a spare change of clothes for the commute to work, you can ride in on what you'll be wearing that day without worry of soiling your clothing. The grease-free belt drives also ensures that your pant leg stays clean, and the integrated fenders separate you from the weather.

The World is Your Oyster

The PiCycle exists in a class that is half bicycle, half motorcycle. This means you can travel on any roads that are designed for cars, often at speeds faster than cars, but additionally you can travel on all bike lanes. This creates an experience where virtually any path anywhere is open for you to explore and creates a feeling of true liberation.