Juice up.

Now you can charge your smartphone, a GPS unit, a camera, a set of speakers, or anything else your heart desires. Just plug into the integrated 12V socket and stay juiced.

A bright idea

Don't just be seen, but light up the entire road with our integrated high-intensity 1000 lumen LED lighting kit. Powered by the bike battery, this ensures that motorists can easily see you and you can ride at night creating your own light. A must for night commuters, the lighting kit comes standard on the Kenny Roberts Edition and is available as an option on the PiCycle Limited.

Monitor your bike and program at will

The built-in 4" LCD display tells you your speed, charge level, distance traveled, current energy use, regen percentage, efficiency, and time traveled. Know exactly how your bike is performing and even program different personalities for different users. Limit the current and/or the speed to make sure your ride is safe for all users.

The human power plant

With the push of a button the motor turns into a generator and power flows back into the battery and charges the bike. Whether you're going down a hill and wanting to regain the free energy, or you simply want to charge while riding, human-powered generation is now just a button press away.

Charge anytime, anywhere.

E-bike infrastructure is already in every house and outlet around the world. Simply plug into any standard wall outlet, whether in public, in a café, or at home. The bike now charges in just 3 hours, and you can always quickly top off at a café or standard outlet and be good for another 5-10 miles.

Beauty down to the lithium-ion core

The batteries are the heart of any electric vehicle and with our highly engineered battery system we have achieved Best In Class Range and Power. To ensure reliability and performance our batteries are now encased in a patented phase-change material. This allows heat to dissipate from the cells efficiently and prevents any issues of overheating. This ensures your battery will be reliable for years to come, 2 to 3 times longer than the competitors.

I.A.T.A. Certified.

Our batteries are now International Air Transport Association Certified which means they can be taken on any commercial aircraft. Because of our investment in the patented phase change material, the battery and bike can be safety moved around the world without the need for special hazmat handling. This results in unparalleled safety and ease of use when traveling with your bike.