Design without compromise.

Every single detail and aspect of the PiCycle design has been thought and rethought to not just create a stunning design that's attractive, but one that is tuned from every single performance aspect.

The Almighty Arch.

The concept of an arch is about as old as engineering. Test-tested and true, not only does it represent an engineering feat, but it connects two wheels in the cleanest and simplest way possible.

Protection from the elements

Unlike most electric bicycle designs, all the internal electronics are embedded inside the tube and protected from the rain, slate, and whatever else you can throw at it. This ensures that your bicycle has longevity far into the future, and you can ride safety in any conditions.

A radiant tube

The aluminum tube, along with protecting all the internals from the elements, actually acts as a radiator. Coupled with the patented phase change material, heat can easily exit the batteries and then dissipate through the tube. The tube will not get hot to the touch, but under heavy riding conditions can get warm. Our integrated cooling system allows for best in class battery performance and longevity that is 2-3 times that of our competitors.

Optimized center of gravity

The weight has been balanced to be centered, and quite low to the ground. This center of gravity is nearly optimal; not only does it allow tight turning that hugs the pavement, the bike can be easily thrown over a shoulder to be carried up stairs. Compare this with other designs that have the tendency for wheelies with all the weight in the back-end.

Components without compromise

Whether it's the 1.7kW motor, the belt drive, the internally geared hub, the hydraulic brakes, the suspension seat post, or the high-intensity 1000 lumen integrated lighting system, we do not compromise whenever there is an option for higher performance or safety. The components elevate the PiCycle to more of an electric moped than a bicycle and create an experience that is truly unmatched.

Future proof

Rather than planned obsolescence, PiCycles are designed to be useable far into the future. The tube is 'technology agnostic', which is to say that it is and will continue to be compatible with many different form factors of batteries. This means as technology advances and prices come down orders of magnitude, that you don't need to get rid of the bike, but can easily and simply swap out the internals for a new technology. Perhaps one day a PiCycle will run on a fuel cell!