Model 2012 PiCycle™ Limited 2012 PiCycle™ Kenny Roberts Signature Edition
Rider 5'2"+ [1.6m+]; 300lb [130kg] or less
Motor 1300W DC Brushless
Front hub motor
1700W DC Brushless
Front hub motor
With Regen Switch
Battery 48V, 15Ah, 720Wh Lithium-ion Nickel Manganese Cobalt
3 hour charge
Weight 70lbs [32kg]
Drivetrain On-demand Direct Thumb or Grip Throttle
55-22 tooth Chainring, Carbon Gates Center-Track Belt Drive
Shimano Alfine 8-SpeedShimano Alfine 11-Speed
Range* 30 all electric miles [48km] @ 25mph [40kph]
40 hybrid miles [64km] @ 25mph [40kph]
25 all electric miles [40km] @ 35mph [56kph]
30 hybrid miles [48km] @ 35mph [56kph]
Top Speed 30 mph [48kph]
(driver's license required in some states/countries)
40 mph [64 kph]
(limited to off-road use above legal speed limit)
Grade Up to 25%
Lighting Optional 1000 Lumen LED powered by bike battery (front and rear)
Saddle & Grips Gel Saddle & Ergo Grips Brooks B17 Imperial Saddle & Grips
Brakes Regen Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Color Red, Black, Polished or Brushed Aluminum
Additional Colors Optional
Kenny Roberts Yellow
w/ K.R. Graphics Package
& Kenny Roberts Signature
(limited to 100 units)
Additional Colors Optional (free of charge)
Warranty Two Year Limited Warranty** & Lifetime Frame and Fork
Price $5,995 $8,995
Options Anodized or Powercoat Color - $595
1000 Lumen LED Lighting Kit
(includes front and rear) - $250
Anodized or Powercoat Color - $0
1000 Lumen LED Lighting Kit
(includes front and rear) - $0
Pi Mono-Pannier/Shoulder Bag - $295
Integrated Charger Rack - $195

* Range assumes flat terrain and 185lb. rider, hills can reduce range 25%-30%

** Does not include brakes pads & expendables