PiCycle Exhibit @ Autodesk Gallery

The Autodesk Gallery features the latest and greatest from transportation, architecture, design, and electronics, a must for anyone interested in engineering/design.

The PiCycle exhibit shows a cutaway of the tube to view the internal electronics. It features the fork displayed independently to understand the structure and the fabrication process. The display also features an interactive bike with a throttle that can be ridden and the watt output measured to understand the power relationship between the throttle and human power.

The Autodesk Gallery is open to the public every Wednesday from 12-5 p.m, with a guided tour from 12:30-1:30 p.m. Come by, check out the latest exhibits, and learn about how Autodesk software helps designers turn ideas into reality.

Autodesk Gallery at 1 Market St.
One Market, Floor 2
San Francisco, CA 94105

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The Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program supports early-stage clean technology companies by providing design and engineering software that accelerates their development of solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. As part of this ongoing collaboration, the Autodesk Inventor Publisher team created an interactive assembly guide drawn from PiMobility engineering files originally created in Autodesk Inventor software. Autodesk Inventor Publisher invites a straight forward approach to the creation of interactive technical manuals, apps, models, videos, and more. PiMobility is grateful to Autodesk and the entire Autodesk Publisher team for their ongoing support in helping PiMobility offer a greener future through more highly advanced technology.