A front fender to keep you in suspense

We've built in a front fender that also doubles as a suspension arm. With the new suspension system, you can ensure that your ride is smooth and your clothes stay dry.

Juice up.

Now you can power your smartphone, a GPS unit, a camera, a set of speakers, or anything else your heart desires. Just plug into the integrated 12V socket and never run out of juice.

Belt is the new chain

All PiCycles™ use a Patented Carbon Gates Belt Drive system. Belt drive is completely silent, super efficient, will never rust, and won't rub off any grease on your pant leg. The rear wheel has an integrated multi-speed internal hub, that shifts silently and seamlessly. Unlike a chain, you can even change gears while stopped, ensuring you have full power right out of the gate.

Monitor your bike and program at will

The built-in 4" LCD display tells you your speed, charge level, distance traveled, current energy use, regen percentage, efficiency, and time traveled. Know exactly how your bike is performing and even program different personalities for different users. Limit the current and/or the speed to make sure your ride is safe for all users.